By k | August 2, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

I’m getting asked for a big favor today.
I know
because the relative called me
on Saturday
and said she wanted
to discuss something with me today.
She wouldn’t discuss this on the phone.
I’m 99% sure it is a favor.

I don’t know what kind of favor.
I don’t know how big this big favor is.
So since Saturday
it has been simmering
in the back of my mind,
irritating the hell out of me.
Although I usually grant all favors I can grant,
I am predisposed to say no to this one
(just because it ruined my freakin’ weekend).

If you’re going to warn someone
that you’re going to ask them a favor,
at least have the decency
to let her know what that favor consists of
(financial, time, expertise, etc).

It also helps, if you can,
to build up to the favor.
Hint that you’re having financial difficulty
or that you may be kicked out of your house

Otherwise, simply ask
and DON’T forewarn.

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