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Heavy Hitter Sales Blog
has a great post
on the Seven Deadly Sins Of Salespeople.

His deadliest is
“Ignorance is the deadliest sin.
If you do not have a spy
within an account
who is telling you
what is happening in closed-door meetings,
defending you when you are not around,
and disseminating propaganda on your behalf,
you will most certainly lose.”

These spies are precious resources
and must be nurtured
whether you currently have their account
or not.

They are also
NOT duly appreciated by
the company you work for.
They are seldom acknowledged
as even existing.
You will get grief
if you expense money nurturing them.

But they are
what differentiates
successful salespeople from unsuccessful salespeople.

Spend the time and cash on them,
even if it is your own time
and your own cash.
They are a wise investment.

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