By k | July 4, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I was given the opportunity
to participate in a multi-author series.
The other authors are big names.
I know the series will do well
and I’ll grow my readership by participating.
The stories are to be written in first person
and be humorous.
I’ve never written humor or first person before.
I said yes.
I want to be part of this series
and I’ll figure out how to meet the requirements.

That’s how I work.
I set a goal
and THEN I figure out ways to achieve it.

The recently departed Nicolas G. Hayek,
leader of Swatch,
did the same thing.
“CEOs must say to their people:
‘We will build this product
in our country
at a lower cost and
with higher quality
than anywhere else in the world.’
Then they have to figure out
how to do it.”

Set a goal
and THEN figure out how to achieve it.

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