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There is a brilliant, brilliant article
about Kenneth Cole
on the Success Magazine website.

I loved his thoughts on tough times
and entrepreneurship.

“I started my company in 1982
during a recession,
during a downturn in the economy, and
we had no problem finding people.
In fact, we didn’t have enough shoes
to put on the feet
once we got them in the door.
There was a large audience and
there was product to supply.”

His theory?

“When things are going well,
people want to do what’s working
and more of it.
It’s only in difficult times that
people are open to creative alternatives.
So we defined ourselves
as that creative alternative.”

The thing is…
to be a successful entrepreneur,
you need those creative solutions
whether times are good or bad.
Me-too companies don’t cut it.

Always act like it is a recession.
Be creative.

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