By k | June 29, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

The latest corporate trend
is the office-less manager,
managers sharing cubicles
with their employees.

This seems like a great deal
for managers.
Wow, now managers can contribute
and micro-manage
every step of the process.
They can stay abreast
of every project
and every sales call
and every everything.

As a contractor,
a creative person,
and a problem solver,
I HATE sitting in a bullpen with my manager.
I HATE the office-less environment.

Creativity is about failure.
There are a dozen failed solutions
for every successful one
(for an example of that, look at BP’s process).
With the manager right there,
she will be aware of every single failure.

I play it safe when watched.
I reach for things that have worked.
I don’t come up with crazy yet brilliant ideas.

If you want average,
go for the office-less environment.
If you want cutting edge,
let your creative people
have the space to fail.

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