By k | June 26, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing, New Business Development

I wrote a great little short
(10,000 words).
It was easily one of the best stories
I’ve ever written.

The problem was…
I couldn’t figure out how to market it.
Romance readers buy based on the hero.
This story didn’t have a hero
I could market.

I tried my best
but of all the stories I’ve written,
it was the worst selling.

Since then,
before I write a story,
I figure out the marketing angle.
If I can’t market it,
I give the idea a pass
I move onto a story I CAN market.

You see…
ideas are plentiful.
There are no shortage of ideas.

What is challenging is marketing
and selling that idea.

If you can’t market your product,
either tweak the product
until you can
or find a new product.

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