By k | June 24, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

In the latest Katy Perry video
California Gurls,
two gummi bears give Katy
the finger.

This could have been a PR disaster
for the family friendly candy.

Could have been.

Instead it was PR gold for Trolli,
the leading manufacturer of gummi bears.

John Leonardo,
a senior brand manager,
declared that the bears in the video
definitely weren’t Trollli Gummi Bears
because “they would never be that rude”.

He told MTV
“Trolli bears would extend their chubby little arms
and give Katy a big old bear hug
and whisper, ‘Everything is going to be alright’.”

THAT is how you manage a brand, folks.
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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