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New York Times Bestselling author
Kelley Armstrong
is known for supporting fan fiction.
Many authors hate fan fiction
(citing copyright infringement).
She supports it.

That’s a good thing
because I have yet to meet
a Kelley Armstrong reader
who doesn’t either read or write (or both)
fan fiction.
They haunt the Buffy forums.
They write stories continuing the canceled X-Files series.

She supports them
and they support her.

Another author friend of mine
was hosting a chat on a loop.
She writes erotic romance.
Erotic romance is known for pushing boundaries.
Readers love that.

The chat was going very well
until, after a reader cussed,
the author stated that using certain cusses
was the one thing she didn’t do.
The loop went absolutely dead after that.

She placed a very conservative boundary
around readers who hate boundaries.

Support your customers
and what they hold dear
(or, at the very least,
keep quiet about not supporting them).
If you can’t,
question whether
you’re in the right business.

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