By k | June 22, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

An entrepreneurial buddy of mine
got married a few years ago
to a wonderful woman.

This wonderful woman, however,
was not at all supportive
of my friend’s business building.
My friend thought she’d learn to love it.

She didn’t.
She learned to hate it…
with a passion.
My friend is now having to choose
between his new business
and his wife.

Business building is very, very tough.
It is tough on the entrepreneur,
the person who absolutely loves it.
For the spouse,
it is grueling.
It can easily be a relationship breaker.

As you would discuss
whether or not you want kids
before you tied the knot,
you should also discuss
whether or not you’d want to start a business.
It is that crucial.

(BTW… I think it is very difficult
to deny your entrepreneurial instincts
- it can be done but it is difficult)

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