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When I first start
writing a new story,
I spend time planning
and writing
and honing the words.

After a publisher accepts it,
I have the additional work
of editing,
suggesting blurbs and taglines,
and supplying input for the cover art.

This is important work.
It might be more important
than the actual writing
because without it,
the book isn’t getting read.

Yet the very human impulse
to ‘get ‘er done’
always makes me want to rush it.
I have to consciously invest the time.

I see this with other products/projects all the time.
The developer creates a wonderful program
yet doesn’t document it.
A caterer serves a delicious three course meal
but ’saves money’ on dessert.
An entrepreneur spends years developing a product
and days on the packaging that will sell it
on shelf.

Yes, get your project done
but do it right.
Put as much care in the last tasks
as you did the first.

Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords,
reminds authors NOT to skimp on the cover.

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