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A couple of weeks ago,
I needed to buy a pair of slacks.
I went to a large department store
and left without even trying on a pair.


Because it was too hot
in the store for clothes shopping.

Many claim that
70 to 73 degrees F is the ideal store temperature.
Vary far from that temperature
and you’ll turn off almost all buyers
but tweak your store temperature
and you can tweak sales.

In a quick service restaurant
I worked with,
the store owner would
increase the store temperature
by a couple of degrees
when he wanted to sell more ice cream
and turn it down
when he wanted to sell more hot beverages.

A travel agent I know
plays with his store temperatures
to drive trips to certain destinations.
He uses it as a marketing tool.
‘This is the temperature in Barbados today.’

Store temperatures make a difference in sales.

A higher temperature is not necessarily better
for ice cream sales.
As Christina Seid
of the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
“When it is too humid,
people want to be in air conditioning.
Instead of going out to ice cream parlors,
they would rather stay at home.
Sales are much higher on days
between 70 and 80 degrees
than those in the 90s and 100s.”

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