By k | May 23, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

The most challenging part
of any bridge position
is training my replacement.

I am a doer.
I am not a teacher.
To sit back
and teach someone to do
is painful.

It has to be done
all my progress during the placement
will be undone
if that knowledge is not transferred.

I’ve had some great transitions.
I’ve trained 12 hour days
with some super keen new hires.
It was a complete brain drain
but at the end of my days,
a superstar had filled my shoes.
She knew everything I did.

I’ve had some less than stellar transitions.
My current trainee
has no interest in learning the job.
We finally had a talk on Friday.
I told her I’d be available
24/7 for training
until the 4th.
She was responsible
for how long training sessions went.
She left at noon on Friday.

Training has no real benefit
for the trainer.
If you don’t give a rat’s ass
about learning,
we won’t give a rat’s ass
about teaching.

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