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Breakout artist K’naan
was approached by Coca-Cola
to write a song
for the World Cup.

He suggested that
they use
‘Wavin’ Flag’,
the song that rocketed him
to fame.

A top Coke executive’s response?
‘You know,
I think that Wavin’ Flag is
one of those special songs and
I’m afraid that in the end
we’re just a brand and
I don’t want to take away from
your magic and the beauty of this song
by making it some kind of a product.”

Coca-Cola is one of the top brands
in the world.
There’s a reason for that.
All employees,
from entry level to exec,
are trained in brand management.
They are not only trained in branding
but you only reach the top levels
if you love it.

They love branding SO much
that they won’t allow
another brand hurt themselves
by association.

Does your organization
have that same passion for your brand?

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