By k | April 27, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

My manager likes to be in charge.
She likes to make the decisions.
She likes to come up
with the big ideas.

I, of course, prefer
these decisions jive with mine.

What do I do?

I present two solutions.
If I want the solution to be gray.
I present black
and I present white.
I talk about how neither is ideal.

Then I wait.

I’m batting 100% with my current boss.
She always suggests gray
(maybe not at first,
I’ll nudge her a little).

The downside to this ploy
is I have to be happy
with black or white
if these solutions end up chosen.

But it still beats the random solutions
this type of decision-maker
will toss at you.

There is a way to sell
to everyone.

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