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Victoria’s Secret is known
in the modeling world
for their models
going onto business success.

One of the reasons for this
is because
you can use confidence in one area
to give you confidence in others.

As Chief Marketing Officer Edward Razek states
“They have a certain level of confidence
that bodes well for
whatever they want to do
going forth.”

Model turned entrepreneur
Josie Maran
didn’t hesitate
to walk into major retailers
and pitch her product line.
“I was ignorant about business,
but I totally believed in myself.”
As a result,
she got sales
other entrepreneurs wouldn’t have the balls
to even pitch.

I’m not a model
(by any stretch of the imagination)
but I do draw from my successes
in other areas
to give me confidence.
I’ll remember a big win
before pitching a business plan
or asking for a sale.

It doesn’t really matter
where you get your confidence,
as long as you have it.

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