By k | March 26, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I’ve been having a serious case
of the envies.
One of my buddies just landed
a wonderful publishing deal.

Of course, she worked hard
for that publishing deal.
It didn’t happen over night.
I had to remind myself of that.

As Guy Kawasaki
“success is a grind.”

“Many people,
especially young people,
think success is event-related.
You announce.
You ship.
And then life is good
and you go straight to the moon.
Instead, what happens is
you ship with bugs in the software,
and people don’t like your product.
Then you fix and fix and fix,
and you keep shipping.
I suppose
there are some instant successes,
but that’s principally an oxymoron.
That’s like saying
Sidney Crosby was an instant success
in the NHL.
Well, sure,
in his first two years he did very well,
but that ignores
the 17 previous years he practiced
or played hockey five hours a day.
There’s no instant there, or here.”

Keep grinding!

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