By k | March 22, 2010 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I know an author
who has the top 8 spaces
on her small publisher’s bestseller list.
She still has to submit
through the slush pile
with everyone else.
She gets one line rejection emails
with no explanation on
why her manuscript was rejected.

She is, of course, submitting her stories
When she leaves,
her sales will leave
and that publisher will remain small.

I know a salesman
who brings in 80% of the sales
in his division.
He wanted an assistant
because he had so much work.
He was told no.
No salesmen in his division
have assistants.
He hired his own assistant
and is looking for a company
who will appreciate him.

Your stars SHOULD get preferential treatment.
There should be a reward
for achieving
(unless you don’t want achievement).

If you don’t give them
preferential treatment,
someone else will.

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