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Steve Strauss has a great post on branding

“Look, there are 27 million small businesses
in this country alone,
and that is not counting
the countless number
of websites and competitors
you will encounter overseas and online.
So why will a potential new customer
choose you over the competition?

One reason, a main reason,
is that your have
a clearly identified unique value proposition (UVP)
and that UVP is relayed in all that you do –
from your site to your signs,
from your store to your social media.”

Notice he said A,
not one billion,
A unique value proposition.

Because that’s the trick with being different.
Be different in one area,
and you’re innovative.
Be different in all areas,
and you’re strange.
Customers can’t relate to you.
There’s too steep a learning curve
to use your product.

Unless you have the time and financial resources
to push customers over that curve,
be different
but not TOO different.

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