By k | December 31, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

If you’re in new business development
or marketing
or sales
or just about any career,
you’re a creative person.
You get paid for creative solutions.
Creativity is expected.

Creativity has to be nurtured.

The best way that I’ve found
to nurture creativity?

Experience new things.
Change your routine.

Every year,
change is my number one resolution.
A never missed goal
is to go to one new country,
experience one new culture,
a year.
I read new-to-me authors.
I pick up new-to-me skills.
I get off at a new bus stop.

I don’t change everything at once
and often I don’t even make
permanent changes.
I simply want enough change
around me
to force me to think in a new way.
It inspires me.

Make change a resolution for 2010.

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