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Most marketers have heard
how Rage Against The Machine fan
Jon Morter
organized a Facebook campaign
to stop a favored X Factor single
from being the “Christmas number one.”

Supposedly it started
as a way to stick it
to Simon Cowell.

It didn’t end that way,
even though Simon Cowell was ‘defeated.’


Because Simon Cowell phoned Morter
before the winner was announced
to wish him the best.
Cowell was nice.
He was charming.
He won Morter over.

So much so
that when Morter did the interview circuit,
he had only nice things to say
about Simon Cowell
and about X Factor.

Simon Cowell may have lost
the contest
but he won the PR game
and he won over an influential.

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  1. December 29, 2009 @ 10:43 am

    Oh dear! Somebody somewhere just doesn’t get it!

    It never started as a way to “Stick it to Cowell”…it started as a way to grab a different Christmas No.1 for the first time in four years. It was never personal, as was written in the INFO section of the group from day#1 …if anyone didn’t agree they didn’t have to join

    We got the Christmas No.1…job done

    I wasn’t “won over”…I wasn’t up for contest in the first place

    Posted by Jon Morter

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