By k | November 23, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Innovation is messy
and dealing with failure
(again and again and again)
is a huge part of innovation.

Everyone has their tricks
on how to deal with failure
and restore confidence.
(Forbes has a great list of 12 ways)

My favorite method
is to complete a simple yet significant task
that I know I can excel at.

For example:
I have a travel blog
where I load photos and short travel tips.
I know that the more photos/tips I load,
the more traffic/revenue I earn
and the more value I give back
to other travelers.
Since the tips are basic and the work easy,
after a failure,
I’ll spend a couple hours
loading posts.
I accomplish something
and my confidence is restored.

A friend of mine paints a room
in her house
to restore her confidence.
The fresh color on her walls
is visual proof
that she is not a failure
in, at least, this task.

Make a list of methods
to restore your confidence.
Without confidence and optimism,
innovating is challenging.

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