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In David Silverman’s post
How Successful CEOs Respond to Failure,
he says
“Faced with failure,
they stayed in motion.
They quit the bad job,
they separated from investors they conflicted with,
they got up off the sidewalk
and went back to work.”

I deal with failure
by having multiple projects on the go.
Right now,
I have three stories submitted to publishers,
one story in edits,
one story in second draft,
and one story in first draft.

I also have what I call a failure plan.
For example:
If the three stories are not accepted,
(i.e. I fail)
I have a list of other publishers
to send them to.

I’m 38 years old
and have a long list of things I plan to accomplish.
I don’t have time to wallow in failure.
I fail, learn, and move on.

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