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Elisha asked
“What are the good ways to say no,
mostly for job and new venture opportunities
but keep something open for the future?”

My favorite is the reco.
I’ll say something like…
‘I’ve always wanted to work with you’
(hinting that I’m open for future gigs)
‘but I’m not the right person
to make this’ project/job/business ‘a success
and I DO want it to be successful.’
(i.e. our goals are the same
and that is why I’m refusing)

If I know of a suitable replacement,
I’ll add
‘I might know of someone
who has the skills you need,
can I have her call you?’
(This gives me a reason
to stay in contact.)

If I don’t,
I’ll say something like…
‘I can’t think of the perfect person right now
but would you like me
to think about it
and get back to you?’
(Again a reason to stay in contact)

This reply sends the message
that I’m honored by the request,
I want the requester to succeed
and I’m willing to do something
with no expectation of payment
to help with that success.

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  1. October 28, 2009 @ 4:43 am

    That is brilliant. Thanks so much :)

    Posted by Elisha

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