By k | September 25, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

When Microsoft came out with
their first Kylie commercial,
I was enchanted.
Here was a cute little toddler
showing the world
how easy it was
to take digital photos
and email them.

Kylie was believable.
I know toddlers who do that.
I have a very young niece sending me
emails consisting of photos
(and that’s it)
all the time.

The second Kylie commercial
is just that…
a commercial.
Is it believable that a toddler
would care or even know about
Windows 7?
Would she make a slide show
with the ‘happy, happy’ words?
The commercial is an insult to my intelligence.

And I feel like a fool
for believing her in the first commercial.

Just because a spokesperson
is successful in one campaign
doesn’t mean you should use her
in a different campaign.

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