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My mother is about to turn 63.
I know better than to call her old.
If I have to refer to her age,
I call her ‘older’.
That she can’t argue with.

According to a study
by the Pew Research Center,
people aged 18-29
old age begins at 60.
Respondents over the age of 65
believe old age begins at 74.

Age is relative
and no one truly feels
he/she is the old category.

Never use old
when referring to the group
you’re marketing to.

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  1. September 21, 2009 @ 9:13 am

    I find myself looking at the issue from the other side of the fence - that is, most of my clients are much younger than me. While I’m just south of 60, most of the managers and procurement people I work with are just north of 30 or younger.

    I absolutely enjoy working with them and always offer them the experience and background I bring to the table. But I have to be careful about “talking down” - and woe to me if I come off as “old”.

    It’s a very mixed marketplace with lots of boomers, X’ers and Y’ers running around. Those teachable moments we all hear about can come from all of them.

    - J.

    Posted by Jeff

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