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In Carmine’s last post at Slow Leadership,
he writes…
“My last word is this:
the very best leadership,
I am convinced,
is engaging in
as few “managerial” activities as possible.
By this I mean creating plans and budgets,
setting strategies, setting up mergers and acquisitions,
discussing policies, holding meetings, marketing,
branding, analyzing data and the like.
Nearly all such actions get
in the way of real business
and lie at the heart of most problems
that leaders face.”

Though I don’t agree that all the listed activities
are useless,
I DO agree that a lot of time is wasted.

one of the reasons
I’m no longer in corporate.
I figured I could better use that time
on my own projects.

Ask yourself why you’re doing something
before you start doing it.
If you don’t have to do it,
don’t do it.
If you need it done
but don’t need to do it yourself,
delegate it.

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