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I recently was a first round judge
in an amateur romance writing contest.
The submissions that I thought
were ground breaking, original,
and likely to be published
did not final.
The submissions that made it to the finals
were competent but safe story lines.

If I was an editor or publisher,
I wouldn’t be looking at the finalists.
I’d be looking at the entries
with the widest range of scores,
the entries that both delighted
and offended.

Years ago,
I attended a science fair.
The kids that won had
competent, time tested experiments.

Then there were the entries
that didn’t quite work.
Why didn’t they work?
Because they hadn’t been done before.
The kids were trying something new.
THAT was where the excitement was.

Different doesn’t usually win awards.
If you are looking for different,
you may want to look at ALL entries.

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  1. September 23, 2009 @ 10:30 pm

    wats gud….jus stoppin by to show luv

    Posted by GIANNA

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