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I unintentionally posted
a controversial piece of writing
to a non-business blog yesterday.
I spent the entire day
managing the fallout from this post.
I didn’t do much else
and because I posted it for fun,
I didn’t benefit from it.

One of my loved ones is a drama queen.
She spends her whole day
in crisis mode,
either creating one
or managing one.
She barely does the job
she is paid to do.
She seldom finishes a project.

Drama intentionally created
and funneled into constructive areas
(promoting a cause
or launching a product
or creating entertainment people want to see)
is wonderful.
It can be powerful.
It can change the world.

Drama created simply
for the drama
is work.
It is distracting.
It can prevent you
from changing the world
the way you want it to.

Manage the drama.

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