By k | July 24, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

I walked into a store recently
feeling down in the dumps.
The store clerk took one look at me,
and asked
“Tough day?”
I nodded.
“Well, lets see if we have something here
to make your day a bit brighter.”

I was absolute putty in her hands.

If you ask anyone about any recent purchase,
they’ll come up with a perfectly
rational reason why they bought.

They’d also be lying.

People don’t buy on reason.
They buy on emotion.
They come to you
with one emotion,
wishing to exchange it for another.

If you want to sell,
ask how your prospect is doing
(i.e. feeling)
and REALLY care about her answer.
Listen to the words
and her tone.
Read her face.

Then give her what she needs
to deal with that emotion.

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