By k | July 23, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Due to a merger
in the Fortune 500 company
I worked for years ago,
20% of the workforce was cut.

We were already lean
so that 20% was mostly cut
from the new business development teams.
I happily took the package
and was working the next day

You see…
only the talented risk
being part of project teams.
Projects get cut
and when that happens,
short sighted executives cut
the staffing associated with that project.
You have to be pretty darn sure of yourself
to chance that.

Today, many, many companies
are cutting to the core.
Foolish management teams
are giving their best and brightest
their walking papers.
These employees are snatched up
by long term thinking competitors
or start rival companies
or otherwise change the world.

Don’t let that happen at your company.
And if you have the excess resources,
invest it in people.
This is a great opportunity
to build a superstar team.

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