By k | July 8, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I do NOT like zombie projects.
When I hear of
a project rising from the dead,
I immediately become ‘busy’
with something else
(like filing invoices or painting my toenails).

Zombie projects are rarely successful.


a project gets brought back to life
due to no one having a ‘better’ idea.
That’s not reason enough
to see a project
over the many obstacles
a normal project has to overcome.

And a zombie project
isn’t a normal project.
It has many more obstacles.
This project has already failed.
No one likes to associate themselves with failure.

The second time around,
most of the people who were so enthused
the first time
are now bitter and negative.
The project team is fighting history.
It is not a new never-been-done-before project.
It is a tried-to-do-and-failed project.

Does this mean a zombie project
won’t be successful?
But the odds are not in its favor.

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