By k | May 31, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

One clear message
the Jon And Kate Plus 8 drama
has reinforced
is that no one,
not the client (viewers or the networks)
or the media,
has your best interests first,
not unless they align with theirs.

The average person
(myself included)
is selfish.
They will try to convince you
to support their goals first
(In the Jon and Kate situation,
the viewers, network, and media
want drama and family strife).

How to ensure your goals get met?
First, have goals, clear goals.
Then review them.
With each decision,
ask ‘does this bring me closer to my goal?’
If it does, say yes.
If it doesn’t, say no.

It sounds very easy
but sticking to goals is, in reality, challenging.
Ask Jon and Kate.

And yes, I know I’ve talked about this before
but since I need reminding,
I figured you might benefit from a reminder also.

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