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In the upcoming horror flick
Drag Me To Hell,
the heroine is billed as
‘a nice girl.’
She may be a nice girl
(I don’t know,
I haven’t seen the movie)
but her customer service skills suck.

she ‘fires’ a customer publicly
(were there no private meeting rooms vacant?).
Then she fails to provide
that customer with alternatives.

There are ALWAYS alternatives.
To simply cut a customer off
without providing them
with other sources
IS cruel.
(Here’s a hint…
If you have to call security
when you fire a customer,
you’re doing it wrong.)

Is it cruel enough
to warrant spending an eternity in hell?
I don’t know…

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  1. June 3, 2009 @ 10:44 am

    Well, the gist of the plot is that she’s doing it to show her superiors that she has the balls to be “tough”.

    Second of all, as I work in the mortgage field, if you are dealing with non-compliance, that is not a customer, that is a problem. When you are repossessing a house, that is not a situation you reach without causing a lot of heartache.

    Of course, I’m defending a stupid movie. A stupid, stupid movie.

    Posted by Patrick

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