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We’ve all had it happen.
A laptop dies in the middle
of a presentation.
The product we’re demonstrating
doesn’t work quite the way
we expect it.
Something happens on CNN
that distracts the buyers we’re pitching.

Most people try to
continue on
like nothing happened.
The best salespeople, however,
address the interruption.

Stephen C. Lundin and Carr Hagerman
talk about this in their book
Top Performer.

“Yet even in the West End
when a baby cries
or a cell phone rings,
the best actors make a witty comment
that flows from their character
and then continue with the script unperturbed.
Any other approach creates
negative energy and tension
in the audience.
The audience is more upset
because of empathy for the actor
than for themselves
and a good actor understands
that he or she
needs to relieve the tension.”

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