By k | May 22, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

I hear tell
in the golden age of unions
(which is long past),
more years = more job security.

It doesn’t any more.

The average person,
as they age,
gets slower.
It takes me longer,
at 38,
to pick up completely new skills
than it did when I was 20.

That’s okay
in my knowledge based career,
I have an offset.
I’ve continually updated my skills,
taking new courses,
building up 18 more years of education
than a 20 year old has.
I give myself more time to learn new skills,
learning them well before they’re needed.

A loved one moves books
from boxes to bookshelves.
As he ages, he gets slower.
Although he is paid more than his 20 year old coworkers,
he is adding less value on the job.
Soon he’ll be replaced.
That’s simply good business.

You WILL get older
(hopefully, that’s the goal in life).
If you can’t offset the detriments of age
in your current career,
get a new one.

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