By k | February 21, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

The company I’m assisting right now
is hiring.
They took out a classified ad
(as per HR policy)
and received thousands of resumes.

Not one was looked at.

Because the manager had already received resumes
from internal sources.
Since no one is going to recommend
a subpar candidate,
the first round of interviews
(the ‘are you a psycho?’ test)
was already done.

In this tight job market,
you’d have to be very, very lucky to find a job
through ‘traditional’ means.
Your best source is your contact list.

After that, try untraditional means.
Interview companies for blog posts
(and keep in contact with the person afterwards).
Apply for jobs that haven’t been posted.
Work on commission only.
Sell a service they don’t even know they need.

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