By k | January 24, 2009 - 6:00 am - Posted in Corporate Games

The Consumer Electronics Show
is a male dominated event
so an easy marketing trick
is to have good looking women man the booth
or, especially in the mobile area,
sign posters and pose for photos.

I love hanging out with these women
and observing reactions.
It is a study in assumptions.

I overheard one man
(with his name and employer
prominently displayed on his badge)
“I’m surprised that girl can sign her name.”
The girl he was talking about
was in her final year of
a grueling civil engineering program.
I asked her why she did this.
She grinned at me
and said
“I get paid hundreds of dollars an hour
to smile,
why wouldn’t I?”

I suspect she was far more intelligent than he was.

Being good looking doesn’t mean you’re dumb.
On the flip side,
being plain looking doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.
Making those assumptions are dangerous.

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