By k | December 27, 2008 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I was a Katy Perry fan.
I loved ‘I Kissed A Girl’
and ‘Hot N Cold.’
Then I watched her live…
ouch, NOT her strength
and so unnecessary.

With the almost unlimited mediums
available for artists to reach fans,
there’s no reason to use one
you’re uncomfortable with.

If you’re not comfortable live,
pretape, edit,
and put the piece on YouTube.

focus on the dancing or entertainment
rather than the singing.

If you’re unattractive (NOT Katy’s problem),
don’t put your face on the back of books.
If you stutter (again NOT Katy’s problem),
use text rather than speech.
If you must use speech, hire an actor.

And please,
don’t go on tour,
simply because everyone else is.

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