By k | November 22, 2008 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Team meetings are held for a reason.
Within the confines of a meeting room,
team members can debate
and even disagree with
possible courses of action.

Once the decision is made,
and team members leave the room,
there has to be a united front.
That means support of the decision,
whether you agreed or not.
If you can’t dredge up support,
at least be silent on the matter.

There is no benefit to grumbling.
Grumbling says
the team can’t count on you to support them.
No one wants to work with a back stabber.

What if you know the decision is wrong?
That means short term pain
but long term gain.
If the decision is proven wrong,
your fellow team members
will remember you weren’t in favor.
You’ll be listened to
or even put in charge
of the next similar decision.

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