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It is holiday party time again.
Every year, I debate going over the rules
yet again
and then every year,
I attend a party
where a rising star crashes and burns
by breaking them.

First, treat this like business.
Because it is.
Holiday parties are
when execs and managers introduce
and then evaluate their star employees.
See all those execs huddled in the corner?
They’re talking about you.
Make sure that talk is positive.

Second, don’t drink.
Have a glass if you can handle it.
If in doubt, stick to soda or water.

Third, prep your date.
Tell him or her what your goals are
how you want to be perceived.
There is nothing more powerful
than a third party (your date)
singing your praises.
I was the spouse at a party two weeks ago.
On the Monday following,
the hubby was called into his manager’s office
and told that after talking with me at the party,
the manager added an extra percent
to his raise.

Actually, I lied.
There is something more powerful
than your date singing your praises
and that is
if your EXEC’s date sings your praises.
Don’t ignore spouses.
A good exec spouse
is doing exactly what your date is doing.
He/She is gathering information.

Most attendees don’t follow these rules.
That works out in your favor
because you’ll stand out when you do.

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