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If you plan on achieving something great
(and if you’re not,
why the hell are you reading this blog?),
then prepare to be rejected. 
It is part of the process. 

Who will reject you? 
Don’t worry,
there are plenty of people lining up for that pleasure…
customers, partners, employers, your Mother. 

One person should not be in that line-up,
and that person is you. 
Don’t pre-reject yourself.  
That is not your job. 
Your job is to try and try and try again
until you get past the rejection. 

Elizabeth Gilbert’s advice
to aspiring writers puts it better. 
“Magazines, editors, agents –
they all employ young people making $22,000 a year
whose job it is to read through piles of manuscripts and
send you back letters telling you
that you aren’t good enough yet:
Don’t pre-reject yourself.
That’s their job, not yours.
Your job is only to write your heart out,
and let destiny take care of the rest.” 

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