By k | September 29, 2007 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I mailed a letter this week to a loved one. 
Since I mailed a similar letter the week before
(and ended up overpaying the postage),
I didn’t go to the fuss of weighing it again. 
Simply stuck two stamps instead of one
(over paying the postage, I thought, once again)
and sent it off. 

A couple days later it got returned
with a sticker on it,
asking me to add two cents worth of postage
(note to self: pink bracelets are heavier
than the identical ones in blue). 

And you read that right. 
Two cents! 
The sticker attached was worth that much.  
Someone was following the policy
to the letter (literally). 

Look at your own policies. 
Is there any flexibility for borderline cases?
If not, it could cost you…
goodwill, customers, money… 

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